Why You Should Inspect and Clean Your AC Unit Now!

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Energy Efficiency, Save Money, Texas Deregulated Electricity, Texas Electricity

Is Your AC Unit OK?

Is your AC unit ready for summer? If you're not sure, now is the time to inspect and clean it! Find out more about the easy things you can do to keep it running at peak efficiently.
Don’t sweat it! Now’s the best time to see if your AC unit is ready for summer! Check out these easy to do and low cost tasks that can help keep your system running at peak efficiency all summer long!

It comes as no surprise to Texans that their air conditioning units account for the largest chunk of their electric bills. Keeping the AC unit and the overall HVAC system in tip-top shape keeps your energy usage as low as it can be. And while you might not be using it very often right now, you can bet on needing it after May. For that reason, you should inspect and clean your AC unit right now. So, let’s look at some of the easy tasks you can perform to make your HVAC system run efficiently. 

Prune Landscaping Around the AC Unit 

Now that we’re coming out of the winter months, the grass is beginning to grow, and trees are budding. This means bushes and other landscaping plants will soon spread out. Plants that wrap around the AC condenser can restrict air flow and that’s bad. So, keep vegetation two to three feet away from your condenser unit. This open space allows for optimal airflow so the system can blow air across its cooing fins and run more efficiently. 

Clean The Condenser Coils 

Once you have bushes and plants cut back from the condenser, you have plenty of space to clean it. Thankfully, this is an easy chore you can knock out in less than an hour. 

Go to your local hardware store or your favorite online retailer, and purchase a can of foaming coil cleaner. Spray it on the condenser coils, wait for it to do its magic, and rinse it away. Of course, follow the directions on the can, but spray, wait, and rinse should just about cover all the steps. Most coil cleaner cans have a built-in scrub brush on the top for pesky patches of dirt. 

Removing the dirt makes your AC unit run better. Clean coils can exchange heat more efficiently than dirty coils. The greater the clean surface area, the fast the system’s coolant can get rid of the heat from your home.

Listen Carefully

It isn’t just your sense of touch that can detect HVAC system problems. Use your ears to tell if anything sounds off with your system. A nice, steady hum is a good sign. But if it runs constantly or makes strange buzzing noises, then it is time to call a repairman. Check it over now. After all, you don’t want your AC to go out in the heat and humidity of a Texas summer

The Best Lineup Of Power Plans 

Although companies aren’t offering them this time of year, sometimes Texans can get power plans that offer AC protection. It’s like getting a home warranty just for your HVAC system. It makes sense companies wouldn’t offer them right before the months when ACs most often break down. But if you have an older AC system, you might want to shop and compare plans later on. Of course, no matter what time of year you’re shopping, you can always find the best lineup of power plans at https://www.texaselectricityratings.com

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