Best 12 Month Fixed Electricity Rate in Houston

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Browse Houston energy reviews and save with a competitive Texas electric supplier rate.
Save money this cooling season by grabbing a great tiered Houston electricity provider plan before rates increase!

Which Houston electricity company has the best one year plan?

Maybe you’re tired of your current Houston electricity provider. Perhaps you think you can snag a better electricity rate. Then it’s time to exercise your right as a consumer to investigate whether you can find a more favorable electricity arrangement.

It’s never a bad time to shop Texas electricity plans, but right now is an especially good time to lock in a one year plan. The electricity price increases that come right before summer haven’t arrived yet. If you want to give a new company a shot without committing for too long, pick a one year plan today. If you want to switch again in a year, you’ll likely be in the best time of year to shop again.

Lock in a tiered Houston electricity rate.

The 12 Month Flat Tier Plan from Constellation is a tiered pricing plan that has the best Houston electricity rate right now for homes that use 1,000 kWh in a billing cycle. Tiered pricing is uncommon among Houston electricity plans, but it isn’t unprecedented. Under such an electricity pricing structure, the retail provider charges set amounts for different ranges of electricity usage. Let’s looks at tiers for the 12 Month Flat Tier Plan:

Usage Charge
At least 1 kWh $89 per billing cycle
At least 501 kWh Additional $0 per billing cycle
At least 1,001 kWh Additional $89 per billing cycle
At least 1,501 kWh Additional $0 per billing cycle
More than 2,000 kWh additional 11.90¢per kWh in excess of 2000 kWh


If your typical usage is between 501 and 1,000 kWh or between 1,501 and 2,000 kWh, this plan is a great deal. A large chunk of your usage doesn’t cost you extra per month. This plan is also beneficial for high usage customers. The 11.9 cents per kWh for the final tier is costlier than a good number of Houston electricity plans, but works out to a reasonable average rate when you consider that the higher rate doesn’t kick-in before reaching 2,000 kWh.

More Texas electricity plans to suit your needs!

If a tiered plan doesn’t seem to suit your Houston home, plenty of other plans are available for you to explore. The Gexa Saver 12 plan from Gexa Energy and the Smart Value 12 Online plan from Cirro Energy have very competitive rates this month. Both plans give you a 12 month price lock. Both also offer bill credits when you reach certain usages in a billing cycle.

Get your 12 month price today!

You don’t have to wait to switch Texas electricity providers. You can do it right now at Just pick the plan you want, and follow a few simple steps to start saving with the best Houston electric company!

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