Are Methane Masks For Cows Coming to Texas?

by | May 27, 2022 | Green/Renewable Energy, Industry News

Can Texas Save the Planet One Cow Mask at a Time?

Cow masks could capture about half the total amount of methane a cow makes, and make Texas even greener.
Cow masks work because most methane from a cow comes out it mouth and nose. But it’s not known if Texas cattle ranchers will get behind the idea.

While Texas excels in green energy, the state’s cattle herds aren’t nearly as green as you’d think. That’s because cow burps are a major contributor to global warming. The methane that cows belch amounts to 14.5% of global greenhouse emissions–a concerning rate that’s steadily increasing our planet’s temperature. So, the “steaks” are high, and even for Texas herds. But while most solutions focus on improving cow feed, this just masks the problem.

Now, a UK-based company has developed an out-of-the-box idea that may just work better. 

Cow Masks: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

A startup called ZELP (Zero Emission Livestock Project) has beef with cow burps.

Contrary to what you’d expect, about 95% of methane that comes from a cow actually comes out its mouth and nose. ZELP’s revolutionary cow mask captures the methane with each burp and turns it into–relatively harmless–CO2 and water vapor. 

This method can reduce methane emissions by over 50%. 

Apart from its environmentally positive impact, the mask can also measure the health and location of cows. This gives farmers the opportunity to monitor their livestock. Plus, it’s apparently comfortable for the cows to wear.   

ZELP received an award from Prince Charles for its efforts against climate change. As they’re looking to begin commercial production in 2023, many US farmers wonder when they can get their hands on these revolutionary cow masks. 

The Significance of Texan Cows

There are over 13 million cows in the state of Texas. That’s 14% of the total cow population in the US. Holy cow!

This means that Texan cows are a major contributor to methane emissions. They produce approximately 1.5 billion gallons of methane every day. Reducing that by 50% with cow masks can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A great way to fight global warming.

The Chances of Cow Masks Coming to Texas

While ZELP is only planning its expansion in Europe for now, there’s no doubt that once they succeed they’ll turn their attention to the United States.

The US is the second biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions globally. But while there’s no legislative plans for a bovine mask mandate, the need for environmentally friendly solutions is high. Hopefully, when cow masks come to the United States, farmers will see the benefits and join the moovement.

Texas and Green Energy

Texas leads the country’s new renewable energy projects, so the concept of cow masks fits well with the state’s green trend. But while you can’t exactly buy a cow mask in Texas just yet, you can certainly help the planet by opting for a 100% renewable energy plan. 

Green plans aren’t just good for the environment. They can also save you money. Find green deals on, compare the rates, and choose one that helps our planet.

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