Who Has Cheapest 6 Month Electric In Houston?

Learn about the cheapest 6 month electric plans in Houston. Long term electricity rates tend to be higher in summer. Don't pay sky high rates!
Long term electricity rates tend to be higher in summer. But if you grab a short term rate and shop long term plans later, you might grab a better deal! Learn what to look for!

Which Is The Cheapest 6 Month Electric Plan in Houston?

When retail electricity prices are high during the summer, it can be difficult to find plans that aren’t 12, 24, or 36 months. Retail electricity providers want to keep you shopping for electricity when electricity demand is at its peak. For example, if you pick a 12-month plan now then next July you’ll be shopping again. That ‘s just when historical electricity pricing trends say rates will be at their highest. So, stop paying sky high rates and break out of this cycle with the cheapest 6 month electric plans in Houston.  

Cheapest 6 Month Electric Plans

Though only two providers currently offer short term Houston electricity contracts, their three plans are worth considering: 

Plan Retail Provider Average Price at 1,000 kWh Average Bill at 1,000 kWh
Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 11.8 cents $118
Green Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 12.2 cents  $122
True Classic 6 APG&E 12.9 cents $129


These plans were about the same price as they were in March and April. Though they’re more expensive than longer plans, you’re still getting a good deal from a historical perspective. 

Short Electricity Contracts 

Currently, the cheapest Houston electricity plans come with one- and two-year contracts. Even though they’re less expensive than the cheapest 6 month electric plans in Houston, the shorter contracts help you play the long game. For example, a new 6 month contract will expire in January 2022 and you’ll be free to shop for a lower priced fixed rate plan. Of course, winter rates can be spikey. However, winter prices do tend to be lower than summer for a long-term electricity contract. So, you still can grab a lower rate for a longer term if you’re a careful shopper!

Another angle you can play with the cheapest 6 month electric plan in Houston is to expect to fork over the early termination fee. This fee is your penalty for breaking the contract. With such short contract terms, the early termination fees are reasonable. For the TriEagle Energy plans, the fee is $20 per month remaining on the contract. For many customers, early termination fees are worth paying. The savings are substantial when you secure a long-term contract in September or October. 

You can also try to conserve electricity during the sweltering July and August. While spring temperatures have been mild this year, Houston always has some 100-degree summer days. Cleaning your air conditioner coils and sealing air leaks can help you save on utility bills

Shop Electric Plans in Houston

Despite shopping for electricity when prices are high, you don’t have to pay too much. Armed with information from https://www.texaselectricityratings.com, you can select the optimal power plan for your home. Therefore, you’ll be back here shopping in six months or fewer to lower your bills even more!  

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