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by | Jan 17, 2023 | Industry News

Great Electric Deals for Businesses

Shop Dallas business electricity deals and save more on your monthly bills. Learn when to look for the cheapest electric plans.
With rising inflation and interest rates working against you, getting the best Dallas business electricity deal could be a make or break factor. Find out how to shop for the cheapest rates this spring and save!

With interest rates and inflation rising, your business needs to find ways to save on expenses. And the easiest way to save on electricity is by signing up for the best electricity plan with the lowest rates. Discover the best deals on business electricity in Dallas right now, and why it’s crucial to start shopping in January.

The Best Business Electricity Rates in Dallas Now

The best provider for commercial electricity right now in Dallas is APG&E. Not only do they offer the best rates, but they also have a plan for every term length you need.

Their best rate is for their 4-month plan, which offers a 6.613 cents per kWh rate. Assuming an EIA average commercial usage of 7,935 kWh/month, this would mean a $525 monthly electricity bill. Committing to a 4-month plan right now also puts you at an advantage, because your term expires at around the spring shoulder months which is the the best time to shop for electricity.

Other great short-term APG&E rates include:

  • 3 months for 6.722 cents per kWh
  • 5 months for 6.828 cents per kWh

If you’d like to commit to a longer contract term, APG&E has the following plans and rates for your business:

  • 59 months for 7.396 cents per kWh
  • 41 months for 7.404 cents per kWh

The bill estimate for the shorter plans is between $533-$542, and for the longer plans, it’s $587-$588 for an average commercial usage of 7,935 kWh/month.

Start Comparing Rates Now

While these are the best rates in business electricity right now, prices may be cheaper during the Spring shoulder months of April and May. If your existing contract doesn’t expire until April, it’s best to wait. If your contract term ends before then, these APG&E short-term electricity plans may be a better option for you.

And even if you don’t buy an electricity plan for your business right now, the best time to start shopping rates is January. You can compare the electricity rates and sign up for the best deal when the time comes.

Custom Quotes For Dallas Business Electricity Rates

The easiest way to compare electricity rates is with You can custom search to find the ideal plan available in your area, evaluate the rates, read reviews, and save money on your commercial electric bill.

Whether you need help picking the right business electricity plan or you have a larger commercial usage, we can help you. Call (817) 854 8905 x459 for a custom quote today!

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