How Much Is Dallas No Contract Electricity?

A no contract electricity plan can be a shrewd short term solution while you wait to shop lower rates next month.
A no contract electricity plan can be a shrewd short term solution while you wait to shop low shoulder month rates. Find out the best no contract electricity plan to get you there and save!

Best No Contract Electricity Plans with the Cheapest Rates

Waiting for shoulder season in Texas so you can shop the cheapest rates? You’re not alone. With only about a month to go, the best way to do that is with a variable rate, month-to-month plan. But how much does Dallas no contract electricity really cost? We’ve shopped around for you and compared the rates and terms. Turns out you’ve got one great option.

What to Know About Variable Rate Electricity Plans in Dallas

Variable rate plans have no contract or early termination fees because they only last 31 days or less. That means that you can switch to a cheaper option as soon as you find one. But, because the rate is month-to-month, prices can change drastically each month. Also, rates are often higher than what you’d get on a long-term, fixed-rate plan – so you don’t want to stay on this arrangement. This means, you’ll want to keep your eye on both your monthly usage and shop for a new fixed rate plan as soon as you can.

If your current plan is ending, it’s a shrewd move to switch now to a variable rate plan while waiting for the shoulder months.  The shoulder months are times in the year just before winter and summer when temperatures moderate and demand drops. Prices dip; some times a little, sometimes a lot. This gives you the power to choose cheaper electricity rates before prices rebound.

Best Month-To-Month Electricity (No Deposit) in Dallas

Flex Forward by TXU Energy has an energy rate of 8.7 cents per kWh. With the base charge of $9.95 and  standard TDU charges, the average electricity rate is 14.2 cents per kWh for 1000 kWh of use.

At that rate, the estimated monthly electricity bill is $142. That’s about $33 more than the average estimated bill for a 12-month fixed-rate electricity plan with the lowest rates right now. It’s also only 6% renewable. So, if you want to support renewable electricity in Texas, there are better green options out there.

However, this is the best no contract electricity option for Oncor customers right now. Plus, it’s a plan from a top-rated electricity provider in Texas. So, even though it’s a short-term electricity option, you’ll get great customer support.

Shop Cheap, Short-Term Electric in Dallas

You don’t have to settle for high electricity bills in Dallas. We have a range of advice, tips, tricks, and tools like the Texas Electricity Rating’s Bill Calculator to help you find the cheapest electricity plans in Dallas.

Ready to start saving on electricity? Visit and shop today!

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