Save On Electric Bill Rates in Dallas

Find out how to save on low rates for Dallas electricity

What Is the Cheapest 12 Month Electric Rate in Dallas Right Now?

You really can save on electric rates in Dallas. Let us show you the top rated plans are on offer!
Finding lower priced electric plans in the spring is usually pretty confusing. To help, we’ve sorted out plans that can help you save on rates each month!

With spring inching closer, you may be wondering how you can save on electric bill rates in Dallas. With so many plans out there, it’s hard to choose the best one. That’s why we found the four cheapest plans for you in Dallas, so you find the best one for you and save on your electric bill rates.

Save With These Low Priced Electricity Rates

Right now, the cheapest 12-month fixed-price electric plan in Dallas is Free Weekends-12 by Champion Energy Services. With this plan, you’re only paying for the electricity you use during the week. On the weekend, you won’t be charged for usage. The free period starts on Friday at 12:00 AM and lasts until Sunday at 11:59 PM.

During the paid period, you’ll be charged 11.4 cents per kWh along with the TDU charges. On average, 70% of your usage occurs during the week. So, assuming your monthly usage is an average 1000 kWh, this plan will come to 12.2 cents per kWh overall. This means that your estimated monthly bill would be around $110.

A cool perk about this plan is its cash-back program. With the Free Weekends-12 plan, you’ll get 5% of your electricity use during the paid period applied as a credit to your next month’s bill.

Save on the Cheapest Fixed-Rate Electric Bill Rates in Dallas

Come & Take It 12 from Energy Texas has a low electric rate of 11.8 cents. With average usage, this brings your estimated monthly bill to only $118; plus it’s 100% renewable.

Champ Saver 12 by Champion Energy Services also has a low rate for Dallas residents. Their supply rate is just 7.8 cents per kWh, so with the TDU charges that comes out to 12.1 cents per kWh. This means your estimated monthly electric bill with this plan would come to $120.

Discount Power offers a very similar deal. Their Value Plus 12 fixed-rate 12-month plan also features a 12.1 cents per kWh rate. However, the Value Plus 12 has a slightly higher supply charge rate of 7.8882 cent’s per kwh. Factor in the TDU charges and this means that your average monthly bill would also be higher at $121. 

The Cancellation Fee for the Cheapest Fixed-Rate Electric Plans

All four of these cheap 12-month electric plans have the same cancellation fee. If you decide to terminate your contract early or switch to a new provider, you may be liable to pay a $150 fee.

What Happens at the End of Your Contract?

You’ll receive a renewal notice from your provider before the end of your contract where they tell you what your options are, and what happens after the contract ends. If you don’t renew your contract or switch to a new plan, they’ll move you to their default renewal product. This can be quite expensive as it’s usually a month-to-month plan. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to shop for a cheap electric provider in the Oncor service area before your contract ends.

Save on Your Electric Rates in Dallas, TX

The best way to save on your electric bill in Dallas is by knowing your energy usage and finding the best plan for your home. But, with so many options and deals out there, it’s hard to navigate the world of electric plans.

That’s why we want to give you every advantage, and the power to choose the cheapest electric rates in Dallas. 

Visit for help shopping Dallas electric providers. You’ll find the best tools and tips to sort through the plans before choosing the perfect one for your home.

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