As we wade into the peak of what looks to be a blisteringly hot Texas summer, Texas Electricity Ratings has once again updated their rankings of best electricity companies in Texas. As always, it is important for customers to be armed with the latest information possible to help them make smart, informed decisions about their electricity plan ahead of what looks to be a sweltering, and therefore expensive, summer in the state of Texas. We’ve continued to tweak our rankings system to take into account the changes in the Texas electricity market over the last 12 months, including areas of evaluation such as technology and consumer expectations, ease of ordering and customer service, communication, and more. As always, these ratings are created with the Texas consumer in mind. So without further ado, lets take a look at the new 5 Star Texas electricity providers according to Texas Electricity Ratings.

Reliant Energy (an NRG Company) – For the first time at Texas Electricity Ratings, Reliant Energy will receive a 5 star ranking. While it is easy to simply dismiss Reliant as a “big guy” and former incumbent,

Compare the Top 5 Texas Electricity Companies Based on Texas Electricity Ratings

A snapshot of the top Texas electricity providers
by Texas Electricity Ratings July, 2018

the fact of the matter is that Reliant does a lot of things right when it comes to Texas electricity customers. They have consistent rates within the market, they have robust systems in place for customer service and customer convenience, and they have lots of different incentive and reward programs that benefit their customers. While it’s one thing to say that Reliant has a lot of resources and can afford to do certain things for customers and local communities, they deserve the credit for actually doing those things in local communities. If there is a unique selling proposition, service, or area of the Texas market where something is happening, Reliant Energy is present in that space. Smart Thermostats, Pre-Paid plans, you name it. For all of these reasons, as well as being able to offer customers rates and plans that don’t break the bank, we felt Reliant Energy was worthy of a 5 star ranking.

Gexa Energy – Gexa Energy has spent the last year near the top of our rankings, and the 2018 ratings are no different. Gexa is a great company with an almost two-decade history of serving the Texas electricity market. They have some of the lowest rates in the market right now, which is not something to be ignored during what looks to be a potentially record-breaking summer. They also excel at getting customers through the deposit process and getting their lights turned on, which is really the main job of any electricity provider. They’ve got good customer service, low base monthly charges, and an exceptional track record in the Texas market. For those reasons and more, we give Gexa Energy the 5 star stamp of approval.

TXU Energy – TXU Energy is another provider that many people might dismiss as being a “big guy” and former incumbent. But that doesn’t change the fact in the last 12 months, TXU has made real strides in transforming themselves into a much more customer-friendly company. The number of negative reviews we’ve seen placed for them has dropped drastically in the last year, and if there is an area of the Texas marketplace with any activity, TXU is a player. They have solar panel programs and subsidies for customers available in some areas, they have plenty of smart home products, their ratings with the Texas PUC (Public Utilities Commission) and the BBB are both outstanding, and their level of innovation and customer communication gets high marks. For this and other reasons, we felt that TXU belonged in the pantheon of 5 star electricity providers in Texas.

Payless Power – Pre-Paid electricity providers often get overlooked in the Texas marketplace, and we at Texas Electricity Ratings think that is a mistake. In fact, we think companies that specialize in Pre-Paid, particularly Payless Power, are underrated and underappreciated in Texas. At the end of the day, Payless Power exists to get electricity to people that might have credit issues, and cannot afford to pay a hefty deposit required by a more traditional electricity company. And as we’ve mentioned, getting people’s lights turned on is the primary and most important job of an electricity company. Payless is the only company on our list that will guarantee to turn on the electricity of ANYONE in Texas, same day, no questions asked. In our book that’s worth something. On top of that, Payless Power has communication mechanisms in place that put traditional electricity companies to shame. They have top call centers, can communicate extensively over chat and text, and have real time usage updates for customers down to the minute. And on top of all that, Payless is even innovating into new areas of the Texas market. This past month, Payless launched their first 12 month fixed pre-paid plan, the first we’ve seen of it’s kind. Customers can now get a guaranteed rate for 12 months, all while enjoying the flexibility of a prepaid plan. And the rate is even competitive with traditional fixed electricity plans. Congratulations, Payless Power, your 5 star ranking is well deserved.

Constellation Energy – This one may be a head-scratcher to some, because Constellation is a relatively new name in Texas to most folks. But the reason for that is they’ve been doing business in Texas for well over 15 years as StarTex Power. While they recently chose to shelve that name in favor of the brand of their parent company, Constellation Energy, nothing has changed about the company’s commitment to customer service and affordable rates since they were winning JD Power Awards as StarTex Power. They have outstanding marks with the PUC and the BBB, and they put forth simple, uncomplicated plans at great rates that won’t trip up customers when they receive their bills in the mail. They’re consistent and reliable, and are a great option for any customer shopping for electricity, and that is why we’ve given them a 5 star rating.

These Retail Electricity Providers represent the best at what they do in Texas. As always, there are a lot of different facets that make up what we consider to be a 5 Star electricity provider, and not everything might matter to every single electricity shopper. However, it is our responsibility to review providers on everything they have to offer customers, not just one thing such as a low rate. While important, customers can always shop by the lowest rate without too much difficulty. But what about other things that might matter to customers? Quality of communication? Different products for customers? Customer rewards and retention programs? Texas Electricity Ratings thinks all of these things are of the utmost importance, and we take all of them into account when rating different electricity providers. At the end of the day, the sole purpose of an electricity provider is to get someone’s electricity turned on, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Couple that with good communication with their customers, a good reputation in the Texas marketplace, and the willingness to offer affordable, easy to understand electricity plans and the picture of what we consider to be a 5 star Texas electricity provider comes into focus. And while the providers we have ranked above all have different areas where they excel, all of them do a great job at covering those areas for their customers. And that’s why they made our list of 5 star providers.  With a volatile electricity marketplace this summer, and that volatility expected to spill over past summer and into the fall, it’s more important than ever to sign on with a good, reliable electricity provider. And we believe we’ve provided an excellent frame of reference for who some of those providers are in Texas at this time. So happy shopping everyone!

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