What Are the Trending Electricity Plans in Corpus Christi?

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Find out the trending electricity plans Corpus Christi, TX. Do an apples-to-apples comparison and grab the best competitive rates for your home!
Learn which trending electricity plans Corpus Christi can save you the most money on your monthly bill!

Which electricity plans are popular in Corpus Christi?

As a child, your parents and teachers told you not to follow the crowd. They may have asked you whether you’d jump off a building if all the other kids did. It’s an extreme example, but it demonstrates how much power the opinions of others can weigh on the mind. Many times following the crowd can be a dumb thing to do. But not always.

When it comes to choosing a retail electricity plan, there can be wisdom in heeding the masses. This is especially true if you have what would be considered an average usage pattern. For instance, let’s say you live in a 20 year old subdivision and own a moderate sized home that’s reasonably well insulated and own average-usage appliances.  In that case, it makes sense to examine the plans your neighbors have chosen because you could save money.

To see trending plans at Texas Electricity Ratings, just enter your zip code to search for energy plans. You’ll see the following top trending plans in Corpus Christi, TX.

Short Term Electricity Contracts Trending

Summer tends to have the highest electricity prices of the year. Since the TrueClassic 6 plan from AP Gas & Electric is one of the trending electricity plans in Corpus Christi, it’s clear some customers want to shop again when temperatures are cooler and electricity prices should be lower. This plan locks in your rate for six months, so you can test out the company for a little while to see whether you like them. The plan’s average price is 9.2 cents per kWh at 1,000 kWh of usage per billing cycle. This rate makes it the cheapest of the three trending electricity plans in Corpus Christi.

Trending Electricity Plans Under 12 Months

With a slightly higher price for the average customer (9.3 cents per kWh at 1,000 kWh), the Simple Choice – 10 plan from Amigo Energy gives you a bit longer price lock than the TrueClassic 6. Try it out for 10 months; you’ll lock in your electricity rate until the beginning of next summer. The biggest drawback to this plan is that it puts you shopping for electricity at the typical peak price time next year.

Other Corpus Christi Electricity Plans Also Trending

If you want to be done with electricity plan shopping for the next two years, you can select the Champ Saver-24 plan from Champion Energy Services. The trade-off is a comparatively high price of 10.9 cents per kWh at 1,000 kWh. There are a few 24-month plans available with lower prices; however, the Champ Saver-24 beats most other two-year plans on price.

Shop Corpus Christi Power Plans

For users with extremely high or extremely low normal usage, these trending plans don’t tend to produce meaningful savings. However, most customers should factor them into their electricity plan research.

But whether you follow the crowd or blaze your own trail, be sure to use The Ultimate Texas Electricity Shopping Tool Kit to help you find the best deal. Taking into account your prior usage and the plan features that matter most to you, Texas Electricity Ratings gives you the confidence to choose the retail electricity plan right for your Corpus Christi home.

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