What Clean Hydrogen Means for Texas Electricity

As home to 4600 energy companies, Houston is a great place to launch a clean hydrogen center.

How Hydrogen Can Transform Renewable Energy in Texas

With clean hydrogen gas not only cheaper than natural gas but also renewable, find out how hydrogen fuel tech could cut your Texas electricity bills.
Clean hydrogen fuel cells are scaleable and can produce anywhere from milliwatts to Megawatts. Learn how this technology could affect your Texas electric bills.

On May 23rd, the World Economic Forum named Houston one of four hydrogen hubs in the world. This is great news because clean hydrogen could transform the Texas energy industry. To begin with, hydrogen gas is cheaper than natural gas. It’s also clean burning and renewable. So, using hydrogen as a fuel instead of natural gas could change the Texas energy market. It could also help to reduce your future electric bills.

Clean Hydrogen as a Source of Energy

When clean hydrogen reacts with oxygen, it produces only water and a lot of heat. If you’ve ever watched a rocket launched into space, then you’ve seen what hydrogen can do. So by using hydrogen to generate electricity, Texas can make more power that is practically 100% clean.

A fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen with more control. A fuel cell resembles a battery. There’s a positive charged side for oxygen and a negative charged side for hydrogen. A electrolyte separates the two sides of the cell and only allows positive charged ions to pass through.

When the hydrogen enters the cell, a metal electrode pulls away the electrons. This creates positively charged hydrogen ions that pass through the electrolyte to the oxygen side. The electrons, meanwhile, stream down the electrode and out of the cell as electric current. The electrons return to the cell on wire connected to the positive side. Once there, the electrons combine with the positive hydrogen ions and oxygen to form heat and water.

Hydrogen fuel cell efficiency is higher (around 60%) than natural gas turbine generators. Plus, in terms of practical use, hydrogen fuel cells aren’t that big. They can power a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and warehouse forklifts.

Where Does Hydrogen Come From?

Currently, the most common source of hydrogen fuel is natural gas. However, hydrogen can also come from water, oil, coal, and plants. It can even come from trash. But the cheapest source is water.

It’s possible to make green hydrogen through electrolysis using wind and solar energy. The electricity from Texas wind turbines splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. After the fuel cell uses the hydrogen, it turns it back into water.

What Does A Clean Hydrogen Hub Mean for Texans?

Texas has been leading new renewable energy efforts in the US for years. Houston is home to more than 4,600 companies in the energy industry. All these connections make it a fitting location to launch a new hydrogen energy center. Estimates show that hydrogen hubs could create 180,000 jobs nearby. Additionally, a study found that the economic value of Houston’s hydrogen hubs can be as high as $100 billion. 

The Price of Energy in 2030

Of course, we can’t exactly predict how much your electricity bill will be in 2030. Currently, experts are predicting that the cost for producing green hydrogen will fall in a few years. That means making a kilogram of hydrogen in 2030 could cost as little as $1. That may make it one of the cheapest energy sources in the world.

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