About Texas Electricity Ratings

Where Y'all From?

That's right. We don't use fancy linking verbs like "are." We're from Texas! HOT DAMN! We live here, we work here, we've been in the Texas Electricity business since 2001. That's over 20 years of seeing rates go up and down. We've been through a couple hurricanes, (anyone remember Alicia? - yeah we've been here that long) too many floods, too many blackouts, brownouts, untold hot Summers and one awful Valentine's weekend storm named 'Uri.'

Despite the weather, Texas has some of the best electricity rates in the country; generally about 15-20% less than the rest of the US (according to EIA data) Texas's abundant solar, wind and natural gas generation all help to keep prices down.

Here's the Thing

Just like your cable bill, cell phones and insurance. If you shop you can get an even better rate.

And just like those other industries - providers have figured out ways to game the system. They use Introductory Rates, Bill credits, Tiered Rates, and “Free” Nights.

You will not be shocked to learn they are not “Free.” You can learn a lot by reading an EFL (Energy Facts Label)

Why Are Y'all Doing This?

We've been in the Texas Electricity Business since it started. We've founded, operated, or built a couple electricity companies and understand them really well. We also know all the ways that providers manipulate rates and we know how to avoid them. And it's really great to help people save money and solve problems.

We Can Help

Our goal is to help you choose the plan that best suits you. You have the Power to Choose the best rate. All of our resources are designed to provide information and education to help shoppers make informed decisions. Our team is available to answer any questions. We constantly try to improve the user experience, including Tools, analytics, calculators and providing easy-to-understand plans and building partnerships with some of the best Texas electricity providers.

You Have A Voice

We started Texas Electricity Ratings because we wanted to give a voice to consumers. A place for you to tell others about your experiences. We'd take that data and rank and rate the best Texas Electricity Companies. Then we sent your emails and reviews to the Electricity Companies - so they could respond and fix your problems.

Turns out when big companies talk to their customers - problems get solved, customers get happy, and cats and dogs can live together in harmony. (Just making sure you still reading)

No Cost to You

The Texas Electricity Ratings marketplace lets you compare Texas electricity rates, providers, plans and providers ??" all without any cost to you.

We work with Texas Electricity providers to get the best deals for our customers. We get paid by these providers when we refer customers to their energy plans. Our marketplace rates are all-inclusive.

Our customers don't pay anything to access the marketplace. After you sign up for an electricity plan, you will be charged by the provider directly. We work with many providers but we do not promote or charge extra for any plan.

So, look around, educate yourself, dig deep, or just follow our recommendations. Texas Electricity Ratings can be used in a simple and straightforward manner. It allows you to compare and filter various plans, providers, and prices. You will then be able to find the best energy plan for your needs!

Tell Us More

Finally - we invite your feedback, tell us who is great and who is not so great. Your voice, your experience matters. Just visit our review page and tell us what you think.