Lock in 36 month Houston electricity at a low rate now and save for three years!

Experts calculate that energy rates will rise next year. But if you lock in today’s rate with a 36 month Houston electricity plan now, you can avoid that extra cost!

Does Signing Up For 36 Month Houston Electricity Make Sense?

Accomplishing a task feels great. You check it off your list and put it behind you. What if you could avoid putting “shop for electricity” on your to-do list for three years? You can when you sign up now for a 36 month Houston electricity plan. Now is a great time to lock in a fixed rate on Texas electricity. October is what electricity industry insiders call a shoulder month. The high summer prices have tapered off, and the rise in winter prices hasn’t happened yet. It’s the perfect time to secure a low rate for the long haul. 

Best 36 Month Houston Electricity Plans 

Shopping for 36 month Houston electricity plans is easy at https://www.texaselectricityratings.com. The average bill assumes a customer usage averaging 1,000 kWh per month over the course of a year. Some months are higher, and some are lower, but on the whole, these plans offer the lowest average bills that rival shorter term plans.

Retail Electricity Provider Plan Average Price at 1,000 kWh Average Bill 
Chariot Energy Solarize 36 10.9 cents $106
Pulse Power Texas Fixed 36 11.0 cents $107
TriEagle Energy Eagle 36 11.2 cents $109


Take Note Of Early Termination Fees

When you sign up for such a long contract term, you need to understand the early termination fee (ETF) associated with your electricity plan. Generally speaking, longer contract terms have higher ETFs. A plan’s ETF shouldn’t scare you away from that plan, but a costly ETF can influence your decision to switch electricity plans before your contract term expires. So if you sign up for a long term plan and want to switch to a cheaper rate later on, be sure to factor in the ETF to see if that other rate will save you money.

Are “Free” Electricity Plans Really Free? 

In addition to the best 36 month Houston electricity plan, you can find some free nights and weekends electricity plans of the same length. It’s logical to be suspicious of something advertised as “free.” These plans can be good for some Houston electricity customers; however, you need to understand your own usage to make sure. 

If you use most of your electricity during the periods when electricity is free, such a plan may be right for you. The Free Energy Nights 36 and Free Energy Weekends 36 plans from Pulse Power could be viable options for your next Houston electricity plan. But beware. The electricity rate is much higher than most plans during the period when you pay for what you consume. 

Lock In Your Houston Electricity Rate Today

Your to-do list can get a little shorter today when you lock in your 36 month Houston electricity plan. Compare power plans and read customer reviews at Texas Electricity Ratings to see which best meets your needs.  

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