Best Fixed Rate 12 Month Electricity

Fixed rate 12 month electricity plans offer Texas consumers a predictable and stable way to stay on top of their monthly bills.
Tiered rates and bill credits offer you crazy-cheap rates as long as you jump through all their hoops. Want predictable monthly electric bills? Get a fixed rate 12 month plan so you can stay on top of your monthly bills with less worry.

Which Plans Have The Best Fixed Rate 12 Month Electricity?

Fixed rate electricity plans have a distinct advantage over other plans. While complicated pricing structures give you a chance to game the system, you know you’ll pay for what you use with fixed rate electricity plans. Sure, bill credits, tiered rates, free nights, and free weekend plans help some people save money. But these types of pricing profiles can also cause you to pay more than necessary. Fixed rate power is tough to beat when you want predictable bills. The plans described below are the best fixed rate 12 month electricity plans currently available.   

Cheapest Fixed Rate 12 Month Electricity

The best fixed rate 12 month electricity plan is the Value Plus 12 plan from Discount Power. With no base charge from the retailer, this plan is a good option for customers of all usage patterns. Plus, the low 12 cents per kWh rate means the plan offers superior value. At 1,000 kWh of average usage, customers pay an estimated average bill of $122. You can find cheaper plans with longer terms. But if you want a 12 month plan, this one should be on your short list of plans to consider.   

12 Month Plans From Spark Energy

Spark Energy offers two competitively priced 12 month plans. The Spark Green Secure 12 plan also comes with a 12 cents per kWh rate. At 1000 kWh of usage, the estimated average bill is around $123 which positions it well against the Value Plus 12 plan. The key distinguishing feature between the two plans is a $8.99 minimum usage charge when a customer does not consume 1,000 kWh in a billing cycle. As a result, this plan is less favorable for low usage customers. The minimum usage charge is also part of the pricing structure for the Prepare and Protect 12 plan which also features a 12 cents per kWh rate and has an estimated average bill of $125.   

Lower Bills At Longer Contract Terms

If you aren’t committed to a 12 month plan, you can find better deals. For example, the You Got This 18 plan from First Choice Power boasts a $116 estimated average bill. It also offers low 10 cents per kWh fixed rate pricing, so it measures up favorably against the cheapest 12 month plans. The one drawback here is a $4.95 monthly base charge which can make it less favorable for Texas customers with very below average electricity consumption

Buy Fixed Rate 12 Month Electricity Today

Put those complicated pricing structures aside, and find a plan that will give you a predictable power bill. In plans listed on, you’ll see these plans identified by “Fixed Rate” in green. Browse the plans, and see which one best meets your electricity needs. 

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