Texas Electricity Ratings, the top website for consumer advocacy and shopping in the Texas electricity marketplace, has released their updated rankings for the electricity companies in Texas. Ahead of August 1st, typically the hottest month of the year in Texas, the team at Texas Electricity Ratings wanted to make sure that shoppers were armed with the latest information to help them find the best electricity provider to meet their needs. This year, Texas Electricity Ratings also did a complete overhaul and revamping of the rating system to help take into account new things that are important to customers, but that customers might not consider while they shop for electricity plans.

However, first, lets take a look at the winners. Congratulations to Champion Energy for ranking first in our list of Texas electricity providers! Champion Energy has been a mainstay at the top of the rankings for years now, and a completely new rating formula did nothing to change their status as the top provider in Texas. Gexa was the #2 rated provider in Texas, followed by StarTex Power, Green Mountain Energy, and Direct Energy to finish off the Top 5.

This year’s new and improved ranking system from Texas Electricity Rating came with great consideration. One important distinction was the separation of Customer Reviews from the rankings formula. In the past, customer reviews had been a large part of how Texas Electricity Ratings reviewed providers. And while still very important to the Texas Electricity Website, we felt that the customer reviews should stand on their own with a place on the website. This way, the reviews from customers and their experiences with different electricity providers. Instead of being mixed in with other third party surveys and data points, Customer Reviews are now their own entity and customers can shop based on those data metrics completely independently of any other factor if they so choose. Shoppers will also be able to shop using the Texas Electricity Ratings Ranking, which is made up of independent sources such as PUC rating, BBB Rating, and many other sources. This rating is how we view a particular electricity company and their contribution in the marketplace with our almost 75 years of experience in the Texas electricity market. Giving the customer the option to choose based on the experiences of their peers, or from our expert opinions is a brand new and exciting option that we’re very proud to share with consumers.

To further break down the new ratings system, providers are ranked on a number of factors. Every provider in Texas is graded on among others: “The Basics,” Innovation, Customer Care, Customer Communication and Affordability. “The Basics” is a company’s ability to execute the core necessities of an electricity company, such as delivering bills on time and accurately, providing adequate customer support, and order experience, as examples. Innovation is a company’s willingness to try new kinds of products, or to expand into energy saving opportunities such as smart thermostats and things of that nature, or offering online and mobile options for account management. Customer Care is just like it sounds, how effective a company is at providing care and support for their customers. Affordability is also just like it sounds, how does a company’s rates stack up to their competition, as well as what are their deposit practices? Those are some of the items taken into account when grading a company’s affordability. Customer Communication is also no secret, it’s just a measure of how well a company interacts with their customers. How many outlets do they have for customers to reach out? Phone numbers, text alerts, social media pages are examples of things that might be measured under Customer Communication. The goal is for Texas Electricity Ratings to advocate for consumers and evaluate providers in the Texas electricity market for features and characteristics that typical energy customers may miss. The new rankings are designed to help consumers find the best electricity providers to fit their individual needs, as well as educate customers about potential marketplace pitfalls.

Digging into the actual results, Champion out-scored over 40 retail electricity providers with very strong scores across multiple ratings categories, including: Basic Services, Innovation, Customer Care, Customer Communication, and Affordability. Gexa Energy finished second in the top five with straightforward competitive pricing and outstanding customer outreach programs. StarTex Power‘s jump to the number three position was powered by affordability, including several straightforward low-rate plans and their customer communications. In the number four position, Green Mountain Energy’s vision for green, renewable energy, plan innovation, and solar options resonated. Direct Energy‘s move into smart home technology, great customer communication, and social media outreach propelled them into 5th place overall.

We here at Texas Electricity Ratings are excited to be able to share our new rankings with Texas consumers. We’ve worked very hard to make them as encompassing as possible and to be able to present them to shoppers who are always looking to navigate the marketplace and find the best electricity plan for their needs. The Houston Chronicle has already recognized our contribution to the marketplace, and we sincerely hope that Texans feel the same way!

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