Best 24 Month Electric Plans in Houston

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Lock in a low rate now when you shop these 24 Month Electric Plans in Houston. Read reviews, compare plans, and find the right plan to help you save money.
Believe it or not, not all Texas are wild about shopping for electricity. But with 24 month electric plans in Houston, you only need to do that every two years. Yee haw!

Who Has The Best 24 Month Electric Plans in Houston?

Even though Texas Electricity Ratings makes shopping for home electricity as easy as possible, the process is still a chore. You can delay that chore for another two years when you sign up for one of the best 24 month electric plans in Houston. Pick an electricity plan you want, and forget about shopping for Texas electricity until the calendar flips to 2023. 

Cheapest Houston Electricity for 24 Months

Though the best 24 month electric plans in Houston have different average prices per kWh, their average bills wind up remarkably close: 

Plan Retail Electricity Provider Average Price at 1,000 kWh Average Bill
Spark Green Secure 24 Spark Energy 10.1 cents  $106
Entrust 24 Entrust Energy 10.7 cents $107
Free Energy Weekends 24 Pulse Power 10.8 cents $108
Free Energy Nights 24 Pulse Power 10.8 cents $108
Amigo Web – 24 Amigo Energy 10.9 cents $109

Competitive Houston Electricity Rates

The competition is fierce among retail electricity providers. The lowest priced 24-month plans range from $106 to $109 for an average bill when customers use an average of 1,000 kWh per month.

The pricing structures for the Spark Green Secure 24, Entrust 24, and Amigo Web – 24 are fairly similar. With the exception of nominal base charges on the first two, retailers charge only a low per-kWh price. This pricing methodology makes these plans advantageous for a wide range of customers. Hot competition is a great thing for Texas electricity customers.

Houston Electricity Free Nights and Weekends

Two of the best 24 month electric plans are Houston free nights and weekends plans. Running large appliances during the free periods can help you save money on utilities.  If you can adapt to consuming a sizable portion of your overall electricity during the nights or weekends, one of the two Pulse Power plans could be good for you. 

Compare Houston Electricity Rates

If you’re ready to settle your home electricity situation for the next two years, shop plans at Signing up for electricity service is easy. Plus, with a 24 month plans you don’t have to shop again for two years. Break up with your old company, and start a long term relationship with a new provider today.  

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