Paying too much to your Texas electricity provider for using too little? Let us show you who has the best low usage electric plans in Houston, TX!

Paying too much to your Texas electricity provider for using too little? Let us show you who has the best low usage electric plans in Houston, TX!

Where Is The Best Low Usage Electric Rate in Houston?

It can be tough for low usage electricity customers to find plans that fit their needs. Plans with bill credits, tiered rates, and free nights and weekends just don’t work when you don’t use enough power. Many even punish you with penalties. The solution is to find a straightforward electricity plan with no pricing gimmicks. That way, you pay for the power you consume and nothing more. 

Low Rates For Low Electricity Usage

Simple pricing is the common feature among the best low electric rate plans in Houston. The alignment between the average prices and average bills shown in the table below demonstrates this fact: 

Plan Retail Electricity Provider Average Price at 500 kWh Average Bill at 500 kWh
Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 10.3 cents $51
Choice 15 Spark Energy 10.5 cents $52
Green Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 10.5 cents $52
Amigo Web – 24 Amigo Energy 10.9 cents $55
Just Energy Web – 24 Just Energy 10.9 cents $55


Apart from price, these plans also offer a wide range of contract terms from as short as six months to as long as two years. No matter how long you’re looking to commit, there’s a low usage electricity plan for you. Early termination fees also vary significantly among these plans. The $100 early termination fee on the Choice 15 plan is surprisingly low for a 15-month contract.

Stay Away From Electricity Pricing Gimmicks

Complicated pricing structures tend to be bad for low usage customers. Bill credits and tiered rates are geared toward moderate and high usage electricity customers. As those customers consume more electricity, the bill credits and tiered rates reward them with lower prices per kilowatt-hour. They still pay more because they use more, but they don’t pay as much more per kilowatt-hour considering the amount of electricity they use. 

When Houston electricity plans have bill credits and tiered rates, 1,000 kWh is the most common target for these pricing features. When low-usage customers hit this mark, they only do so once or twice per year in the hottest months of the summer or the coldest point of winter. The rest of the time they pay higher rates for using less electricity.

Free Nights and Weekends Aren’t Exactly Free

Low usage customers should also be cautious with free nights and weekends plans. The product may not live up to the marketing. Free nights and weekends plans charge very high prices during the times customers actually pay for electricity. If your normal usage pattern doesn’t already skew toward the free periods, steer clear of these plans. 

Best Way To Compare Electricity Prices

If you’re tired of writing Excel formulas just to predict your energy bill, switch to an electricity plan with simple pricing. These plans work out well for low usage customers. You can find dozens of these plans at You can sign up here and make the switch today. 

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