Cheap 24 Month Electric Plans in Houston

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Industry News

Get a great deal on Cheap 24 Month Electric Plans in Houston!

Yes, you can STILL find a great deal on Cheap 24 Month Electric Plans in Houston! Shop rates like these and lock in a low price now!

Are Cheap 24 Month Electric Plans in Houston Available?

Predictability is a good thing when it comes to monthly bills. And if you can have predictability while saving on utility bills, you can rest a little easier with your household budget. 

Naturally, your power usage fluctuates throughout the year. The US Energy Information Administration expects house electricity usage to increase 7% this winter. Even so, you know how your power bill is calculated well before your statement arrives. However, keeping your electricity rate at a predictable, fixed  amount for as long as you can is one of the best things for de-stressing your budget.

Consequently, many retail electricity providers offer cheap 24 month electric plans in Houston. Without a doubt, sorting through all those can make shopping pretty confusing. However, thanks to Texas Electricity Ratings, you can find the best ones organized with the most important information right in front of you. Plus, the details are easy to find. 

Lowest Average Bills For Two Year Plans

The plans outlined below show the 24 month electric plans in Houston with the lowest average bill assuming an average usage of 1,000 kWh per month. Of course,  monthly usage actually is higher some months and lower in others. By comparison, this average gives you a dipstick measure of the electricity bill you can expect in a “normal” month.

Plan Retail Electricity Provider Average Price at 1,000 kWh Average Bill
Entrust 24 Entrust Energy 10.6 cents $107
Champ Saver-24 Champion Energy 11.0 cents $110
Spark Green Secure 24 Spark Energy 10.5 cents $110
Solarize 24 Chariot Energy 11.1 cents $111
Eagle 24 TriEagle Energy 11.2 cents $112


CenterPoint Energy needs its cut of the action to maintain the electricity infrastructure. Transmission and distribution utility (TDU) charges include both  kilowatt-hour usage and flat monthly fees, of course. However, those costs apply to all Texas electricity plans. Retail electricity providers have no control over TDU charges.

Simple Pricing Yields Low Rates

For the plans listed above, simple pricing is a common element. With the exception of a small monthly fee in some plans, all five plans charge a straightforward cents per kWh rate and nothing else. For plans that have the small monthly fee, the base charges or minimum usage fees comprise a tiny portion of the costs. They make little difference among the plans’ average bills.  To find the best price then, it’s a matter of reviewing the rates and other information that’s on the plan EFL. 

More Predictable Power Bills 

If you’re ready for a predictable power bill that saves you money, check out the plans at You can find plenty of cheap 24 month electric plans in Houston to consider. Then, sign up for the one that best meets your needs. 

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