Five Cheapest Houston Electric Bill Plans

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The lowest electricity rate doesn't always mean you'll get the cheapest Houston electric bill. But we'll show you five plans that do!
Just because a plan has a low, low price, it doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll get the cheapest Houston electric bill. But let us show you which plans usually do.

Which Plans Have Cheapest Houston Electric Bills?

You never want to pay more than necessary. Whether it’s for a burger, Christmas present, or Houston electricity. So, ideally when you shop for electricity plans, you save money on utility bills month after month. But just because a plan has a low, low price, it doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll pay the lowest bill and that’s especially true if your usage doesn’t meet the requirements on a tiered rate plan. So to help customers land the best deal for the holidays, we’ve sorted through the top five plans that typically produce the cheapest Houston electric bill.

Cheapest Light Companies in Houston

The hunt for the cheapest Houston electric bill is based on an average usage of 1,000 kWh per month. These five electricity bills vary slightly even though the average price is the same for four of the five.  

Plan Retail Electricity Provider Average Price at 1,000 kWh Average Bill
Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 10.0 cents $98
Green Eagle 6 TriEagle Energy 10.0 cents $100
Easy Bill 12 Frontier Utilities 8.0 cents $101
Texas Fixed 6 Pulse Power 10.0 cents $101
Choice 15 Spark Energy 10.0 cents $102

Interestingly, the average price per kWh does not yield the cheapest Houston electric bill. This happens because of the different pricing structures. 

Flat Pricing for Electric Companies

Four of the cheapest plans have straightforward pricing. There’s a small base charge with a flat rate per kWh used. This pricing structure makes these plans good options for customers with wide ranges of usage. High, moderate, and low usage customers can find competitive average bills.  

Tiered Rate for Inexpensive Electric Bills 

The outlier among the group is the Easy Bill 12 plan from Frontier Utilities. Despite its significantly lower average price than the other plans, it sits right in the middle among these cheapest electric plans. Its pricing structure includes a high base charge of $78; however, customers pay nothing for power consumed up to 1,000 kWh. After that, customers pay a relatively high rate of 19.9 cents per kWh. 

Before you sign up for this plan, you want to make sure your normal electricity usage never exceeds 1,000 kWh but at the same time comes close to that. Whether you use 1 kWh or 999 kWhs, you pay the same $78 for retail electricity. 

Pay Less for Your Houston Electricity

The current electricity plans in Houston that produce the cheapest bill mostly favor relatively short contract periods of about 6 months. But even though you might want to lock in a longer fixed rate contract term, these shorter plans are worth considering. That’s because it’s helpful to save money while you can now and wait to see what electricity prices look like in the future. All the same, no matter what contract term you prefer, it’s a good idea to shop now before before outdoor temperatures fall and prices likely rise in the new year.

There’s no reason to pay more than you have to for electricity. That’s where comes to save the day. Compare a wide variety of plans that fit your home’s usage and your family budget.  

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