Head-to-Head Comparisons

Ever want to stack up some electricity companies side by side and see which one comes out on top? Want to see which company offers the best Texas electric rate with the click of a button? We're rolling out these side-by-side comparison pages so you can see for yourself!

Shop different kinds of electric companies

If you have an idea about what kind of Texas electric company you are looking for, but aren't sure of which brand, these pages can help you. Often, shoppers look at several companies before choosing one, and we've put together groups of companies that people often consider.

Popular Brands

These brands are consistently popular choices for many Texans. You'll recognize names like TXU, Reliant, Gexa, and TriEagle

Low Price Leaders

Price is always an important consideration, but you still want a reliable company that can take care of your needs. We've pulled together a group of brands that are leaders in low prices in Texas. You'll find established brands as well as up-and-comers here.

Premium Brands

If you're looking for the best providers, you'll find them here at Texas Electricity Ratings. Our expert scoring process really brings the best companies to the top of the list! Choosy consumers, this list is for you!

Long Term Plans

If you like to plan ahead, you can pick up a long term fixed rate plan up to 60 months long! We've put together the best group of long-term plans you're likely to find anywhere. Shop and compare 24, 36, 48, and 60 month plans head-to-head, then lock in your rate today!

Local Texas Brands

Texas - it's like a whole other country! And who better to serve Texans than your fellow citizens? These brands started right here and continue to show their Lone Star pride.

Low Deposit Companies

We've all been there, sometimes you need electricity but your credit isn't pristine. Many of our customers who thought they would be in for a massive deposit have been pleasantly surprised by how low the deposits are with certain providers.

Consistent Electricity Rates on your bill

In the Texas electricity market, it can be hard to know just what rate you should expect on your bill. We've grouped together a great set of plans that feature simple, straight-forward pricing, so you know just what to expect! Use more, pay more. Use less, pay less. It just makes sense!