Champion Energy vs.
Reliant Energy
Head to Head!

Who has the best Texas energy price?

When retail electricity providers compete, Texas energy customers win. Competition drives prices down and compels providers to give excellent customer service. Big name companies battle the little guys for every residential customer and business.

So, how do established titans and fresh-faced upstarts compare with one another, apples-to-apples, in the Texas energy market?

Champion Energy and Reliant Energy are long time competitors in the Texas marketplace. While both offer retail electricity plans with straightforward pricing, but Champion does it at a lower price and without a base charge.

Reliant is a well-known name in Texas because it started here; however, Champion stacks up well against it according to customers

  1. Champion Energy - OR - Reliant Energy: Which currently offers the cheapest electricity plans?
  2. Champion Energy vs. Reliant Energy: Plans and Rates
  3. Champion Energy vs. Reliant Energy: Our Rating
  4. Champion Energy vs. Reliant Energy: Customer Ratings
  5. Champion Energy vs. Reliant Energy: Most Recent Customer Reviews
  6. Champion Energy vs. Reliant Energy: Overall Winner
  7. Compare Champion Energy And Reliant Energy Rates for Your Area

Which currently offers the cheapest electricity plans?

Champion Energy OR Reliant Energy?

Energy suppliers can change plans, deals, and rates at almost any time. That's why it's important to stay up to date with how competitors' plans compare apples-to-apples with those of one another provider.

Plan Term Champion Energy Reliant Energy
12 Month Champ Saver-12 Secure Advantage 12
24 Month Champ Saver-24 Reliant Secure Advantage 24 plan

Champion Energy vs.
Reliant Energy
Plans and Rates

Champion Energy's plans give their customers simple pricing anyone can understand. Similarly, they do not offer variable rate plans. Their fixed rate plans have no base charges so customers pay one price for each kilowatt-hour they consume. Though Reliant Energy offers more variety in its plans, their plans are priced higher than Champion's plans. Additionally, most Reliant plans include a $9.95 per month base charge. Lastly, if you're in the market for a variable rate plan, Reliant does offer one.

Champion Energy vs.
Reliant Energy
Our Rating

Texas energy providers are competing harder than ever for your energy dollar. To help give consuemrs the best tools to really get the most out of their power to choose, Texas Electricity Ratings compares and rates providers based on five main criteria:

  • Plans and Products How good are their electricity plans and prices? Do they offer green, earth-friendly deals? What about their tiered rates?
  • Complaint Resolution How well do they handle customer complaints? Do they resolve problems?
  • Community Outreach How responsive are they to the communities that they serve?
  • Innovation Are they tech savvy? Do they try new ways to improve Texas electricity service?
  • Rewards How well do they treat good, loyal customers? Do they offer extras like rewards and incentives to keep their customers with them?
  • Market Perception How does the overall market view them? What do the Better Business Bureau, the Texas PUC, and other organizations say about them?

Though Reliant Energy takes the cake in overall ratings, both companies outshine one another in different areas. Reliant far surpasses Champion Energy for innovation. On the flip side, Champion beats Reliant for having a variety of plans and products.

Champion Energy Rating: 3.3

Plans & Products -
Complaint Resolution -
Community Outreach -
Innovation -
Rewards -
Market Perception -

Reliant Energy Rating: 4.3

Plans & Products -
Complaint Resolution -
Community Outreach -
Innovation -
Rewards -
Market Perception -

Winner: Reliant Energy

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Reliant Secure Advantage 24 plan

Champion Energy vs.
Reliant Energy
Customer Ratings

Customer reviews posted to our site provide Texas electricity shoppers with the most insight. They cover real-world experience with energy plans and the providers themselves.

Champion Energy Reviews

Reliant Energy Reviews

Champion Energy trounces Reliant Energy in customer reviews. Champion rates significantly better across all customer service categories.

Winner: Champion Energy

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Champ Saver-24

Champion Energy vs.
Reliant Energy
Recent Customer Reviews

Customer reviews say whether provider plans are affordable, if they help you save money, or if they should be avoided. They also share their experiences with the provider's account management, billing, and customer service.

Our most recent reviews for

Champion Energy

The worst of EVER (RUN AWAY)
This is the worst energy company so far I used. The increase my bills over 120% within a year period. Even when I use less of their stupid energy which I can tell by now using both AC/heat in my home and when I out of the state. This company is fraud and I hope those of you ready this wont make the mistake I did by not reading about them and how bad and greedy they are and again they are the worst with fake rate that they don't apply.
Buyingsquash2 from Dallas, TX on January 18th, 2021
Great Pricing and Services!
This will be my 3rd year with Champion Energy and it has been nothing but a breeze to work with them. Love the service, pricing and types of plans that they provide. I needed to transfer the service a little earlier than anticipated and when I renewed as well I got a even better price with the free nights. Only thing is they make you create a new account, which I would rather have all past information in one account

Feel free to use my referral ID for a $50 credit! RJueJr73417
Richard from Houston, TX on December 27th, 2020
Go somewhere else these people are HORRIBLE!!!!??
My account with them has been screwed up since day 1. They admit over charging me around $300 but I cant get it back. They give me a new run around every time it never makes any sense. They are impossible to deal with and dont care. Champion Energy is big mistake and recommend staying as far away as you can from this train wreck!!!
Mark Hudspeth from Houston, TX on November 27th, 2020

Our most recent reviews for

Reliant Energy

Lied to drag you to sign
I was told by the sales man that came to knock in my front door that i would get credit of 300 dollars if i joined reliant. I was told to leave my prior provider and to not worry about how it would affect my credit. Iwas told that i would get my deposit returned after six months and I did not. It was a year after. My point is they lie about everything just to get you to sign. As everyone knows it cost money to change providers and it cost money to leave old provider as well. I was fooled and now i pay the price. Please I anyone reads this review please make shure u ask alot of questions. Record the sales man that come to your door, and make shure you dont listen to him READ THE CONTRACT. The sales man will say lies just to get you to sign and will not help if you in a bad situation
Bad Review Lies To Make You Sign from Seagoville, TX on January 19th, 2021
Most difficult experience of my life
Wasted 5 months going round and round with them on trying to get new service. Finally gave up and went with different company.
Charles from Kendleton, TX on January 17th, 2021
Better than people say
I have averaged about 10 cents per Kwh and never had an issue with billing or hidden fees. Maybe other users didn't read their plan.
Another User from Spring, TX on January 16th, 2021

Champion Energy vs.
Reliant Energy

Overall Winner: Champion Energy

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