Get the Real Best Electric Plans in Huffman

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Industry News

The best electric plans in Huffman with the lowest bills don't always have the lowest rates. Find out what to look for when you shop for your home.

Why is it that when you compare light companies, those tiered rates don’t have the lowest monthly bills? Find out how to shop the best electric plans in Huffman and save!

How Has The Best Electric Plans in Huffman?

In unincorporated areas like Huffman, Texas, getting utilities for your home can feel like the Wild West. However, shopping for electricity in the Texas deregulated market is easy with Texas Electricity Ratings. This is because you can see beyond the advertised rates to the information that really matters. As you’ll see, the real best electric plans in Huffman don’t have the lowest prices, and the reason is plain to see once you have the right information.

Lowest Advertised Prices

If you’re shopping for the lowest average price for retail electricity, these plans meet that criterion:  

Plan Retail Provider Average Price at 1,000 kWh Average Bill at 1,000 kWh
Best Value 12 Frontier Utilities 6.7 cents $111
Power of Credit 12 New Power Texas 6.7 cents $123
Texas Saver 12 Pulse Power 6.7 cents $123


So could these retail electricity plans work for your situation? Perhaps they might, but take into account that these plans all have bill credits which you need to earn most months to hold your power bill at bay. In other words, if you use a certain amount of power, you get a chunk of cash knocked off your bill. So, by keeping your electricity in the zone where you earn the bill credit, you’ll be sitting pretty. But if you fall outside that sweet spot, get ready for high energy bills.

The Real Best Electric Plans in Huffman 

Even just looking at the table above, you can see there’s more to your bill than the average price. Otherwise, those three plans above would have the same average bill. But they don’t! Conversely, the table below shows the best electric plans in Huffman if you want the lowest average bill:

Plan Retail Provider Average Price at 1,000 kWh Average Bill at 1,000 kWh
You Got This 18 First Choice Power 10.4 cents $104
24 Month Fixed Tomorrow Energy 10.6 cents $106
Easy Saver 12 4Change Energy 8.9 cents $109


None of these three plans have bill credits in their pricing structure. Therefore, you don’t have the wild swings in monthly power costs when you don’t meet a bill credit threshold. Furthermore, these simpler pricing structures tend to be better for the average Texas household. One big reason is that customers’ usage fluctuates throughout the year. In contrast, bill credits remain fixed. Consequently, customers miss out on the bill credits a significant number of months each year.

Shop For Huffman Texas Electricity

Even though each customer is a lone ranger in search for the best electric plans in Huffman, Texas Electricity Ratings is your deputy. Sure, sometimes the best plans for the average customer may not be the best ones for you. Fortunately, can help you know for sure. Compare plans to see which one best meets your power needs.

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