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Epcot Electric

Epcot Electric is a retail electricity provider servicing customers in the state of Texas. They were founded in 2010 and offer customers both commercial and residential electricity.

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Plans & Products

We looked at providers' product mix, types of plans, accessibility and incentives. This score is based on a review of non-traditional products, tiered pricing, green plans, and prepay options. It is also based on accessibility by measuring deposit options, payment amounts, credit requirements, base charges and monthly recurring charges, and finally incentives; gift cards, bill credits and customer rewards.

Complaint Resolution

Complaint Resolution looks at how a provider responds to customers' concerns and find solutions to their problems. This score is tied to customer service complaint surveys, responsiveness, handle times, linguistic options, and cost to serve.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach looks at a provider's involvement in its community and giving back. This score includes carbon footprint involvements, charity programs for customers, charity involvement, employee engagement programs and volunteering.


Innovation looks at new products, environmental and industry advancement, and market leadership. This score includes involvement in improving the environment, providing tools for customers to be more efficient and reduce overall cost of energy and consumption (ie: smart thermostats and other home products, usage emails and summaries, solar partnerships, etc)


Rewards looks at the type of incentives the provider offers its customers to keep them satisfied and engaged with their energy company. This score includes rewards offered, such as gift cards, bill-credits, free power, renewal products and refer-a-friends programs.

Market Perception

Market Perception is an average score from other market scores and resources such as the Better Business Bureau, Public Utility Commission of Texas, and other 3rd party surveys.

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3 Reviews and Replies for Epcot Electric

Epcot electric is out of business switch now!!!!!
(0 / 5)

  Epcot Electric is out of business as of 7/6/12. Sign up with another provider immediately or you will be sorry when you receive your July bill. I received an email from YEP Energy yesterday stating that Epcot was out of business and my electric provider was switched automatically to POLR "provider of last resort" which can charge me as much as 25/kwh! That scared me so I called the Texas Public Utility
Commission and they confirmed that Epcot Electric went out of business and that I should sign up with a new provider asap. They said I was lucky I signed up with Epcot online because my email address was on file and that's why I was solicited by Yep Energy. They said people who didn't have an email address would find out that Epcot went out of business when they receive their July bill from the POLR and the bill is 3 -4 times higher than usual. Sign up with another provider now to save your money!!!!! Hope this post helps someone out there.

Mike from Spring
July 11th, 2012

Billing and Account Management
Customer Service
How likely are you to recommend
Order Experience
Price, Plans and Promotions

I've been pleased
(3.9 / 5)

  Signed up 11 months ago and ready to sign a new contract. I used the autopay with credit card, so never had an issue with billing. I got my statement in the mail and knew it would autopay on my credit card.. seemless. Unfortunately, they are not as cheap as some, so I'm looking for cheaper electricity. I've been happy with them, just not the cheapest right now.

April 13th, 2012

Billing and Account Management
Customer Service
How likely are you to recommend
Order Experience
Price, Plans and Promotions

(4.5 / 5)

  this is my 4th provider since dereg. and they are very good. in the year i had them as far as price and error free billing.

j. georgiou from Pearland
April 11th, 2012

Billing and Account Management
Customer Service
How likely are you to recommend
Order Experience
Price, Plans and Promotions

Updated: 05-20-2018
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