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Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about LifeEnergy plans to calculate their bills. You can still view the 25 providers that we do!

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LifeEnergy Featured Offer:
PowerLife 12 100% Green


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LifeEnergy Featured Offer:

PowerLife 12 100% Green

Our Analysis of LifeEnergy

LifeEnergy Rates

LifeEnergy has 3 electricity rates available. Their lowest rate is currently 10.7¢, and their highest rate is 10.9¢.

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LifeEnergy currently has 3 electricity rates available

Texas Electricity Ratings
Overall Score for

1.7 / 5

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LifeEnergy Scores and Ratings

LifeEnergy Plans

LifeEnergy currently has 3 plans available. All of their plans are fixed rate plans.

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LifeEnergy currently has 3 electricity plans available

LifeEnergy Reviews

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8 Reviews for LifeEnergy

LifeEnergy FAQ

How many plans does LifeEnergy have? What areas do they service? Is LifeEnergy a good company?

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LifeEnergy Bills

Understanding your energy bill can be difficult. There are weird terms used everywhere and funny looking fees. Need help? Check out our guide!

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Understanding Your Electricity Bill

LifeEnergy Blog

Check out our blogs to find news and other info related to LifeEnergy.

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