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Average Electricity Rates & Energy Usage in Plano

In November, the average electricity rate in Plano was 14.82¢ per kWh. The average households monthly electricity usage was 845 kWh, making the average bill around $125.

based on EIA Data as of April, 2023

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Bigger Than Texas 24
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GoodEnergy 12
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Champ Saver-12
est. avg. bill
Wise Buy 24
est. avg. bill

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Water Utilities

If you have questions about Plano's water department, you can reach their customer service at 972-941-7105 or call 972-941-5040 to pay your bill

Power Outage

To check on electricity outages in our area or report an outage, call Oncor at 888-313-4747 or visit their outage map online at

Trash & Recycling

Visit for trash pickup schedules and general information. For other inquiries, you can call them at 972-769-4150 or email them at

About Plano Texas

Plano City History

In the early 1840s, the European settlers moved into present-day Plano. The region attracted several people because of its welcoming facilities like a store, sawmill and gristmill. There was also an established mail service in the region, and after many rejections, the name Plano was suggested, which means "flat" in Spanish. Therefore, Plano refers to the region's terrain since it is devoid and unvaried of trees. Plano flourished after the construction of the Houston and Central Texas Railway. In 1983, Plano was incorporated, and as of 1874, the city had a total population of more than 500 citizens. Unfortunately, the city was later destroyed by a huge fire in 1881. It was rebuilt by business people and started flourishing in the 1880s. During this era, the city also assumed the responsibility of becoming an Independent School District.

Plano Culture

The city homes Plano Public Library System have the Municipal Reference Library, Gladys Harrington Library and Maribelle M. Davis Library, among other libraries. The city also partially founded the Plano Symphony Orchestra, which performs regularly at the Charles W. Eisemann Center near Richardson and the Methodist Church of St. Andrew.

Landmarks in Plano, TX

  1. Heritage Farmstead Museum

    This incredible historic farm museum is strategically located at 1900 West 15 th Street in Plano, TX. The house in the vicinity was constructed using the Late-Victorian architectural design and was completed in 1891. This beautiful piece in the heart of Plano spans 365 acres, and the land belongs to Hunter Farrell and his wife, Mary Alice Farrell, who later moved with their family from Virginia. After Farrell's divorce in 1929, their daughter Ammie took the role of head manager and became the award-winning livestock breeder before her demise in 1978. The farm was reopened in 1986 as a museum that utilized 4.5 acres in the home.

  2. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

    This 200-acre park in Plano City has many amenities, including an unpaved hiking trail that spans 3 miles, a paved hiking trail which spans 3 miles, a playground, an off-road bike trail which covers 2.8 miles, a pavilion and restrooms. You can reserve the pavilion for special events if you need a large space. An incredible observation tower also gives visitors a bird's eye view of the amazing park. You can access this incredible space at 601 W Parker Road, 75093, Plano, TX.

Tourist Attraction Sites in Plano, TX

  1. Crayola Experience Plano

    If you are looking for a place to spend time with your kids, this is the place for you. It is the best place for kids aged between 4 and 6. There is an array of activities to choose from, and you can spend several hours there. You can access this incredible spot at 6121 W Park, Blvd Suite A100, Plano, 75093 TX, USA.

  2. Dark Hour Haunted House

    If you are looking for a place where you can have so much fun, this is the spot for you. Visit the site on Saturdays to enjoy the actors and details inside. You can purchase a fast pass instead of waiting to save some time. You can access the spot at 701 Taylor Dr, Plano, 75074, TX, USA.