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In November, the average electricity rate in Spring was 14.82¢ per kWh. The average households monthly electricity usage was 845 kWh, making the average bill around $125.

based on EIA Data as of May, 2023

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GoodEnergy 12
est. avg. bill
Bigger Than Texas 24
est. avg. bill
Wise Buy 24
est. avg. bill
Conservation 12 plan
est. avg. bill

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Great price and service
They have delivered a great price and plan. I am grateful for them.
  • Ricky from Friendswood, Texas
  • June 5th, 2023
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About Spring Texas

History of Laredo

This city in Texas was founded as a Spanish settlement in 1755 by Don Sanchez Barrera while the region was still part of Nuevo Santander, which was a Spanish colony of New Spain. The region was named the capital of the Republic of Rio Grande in 1840. During the American-Mexico war, the region was inhabited by the Texas rangers. It was not until 1946 that the Plaza Theatre was opened in Laredo's downtown, but it was closed later in 1999 after the municipal government bought the property from United Artists.

Later in 2003, a consultant recommended the plaza be changed to a multi-purpose performing-arts center that could involve occasional films, dance recitals, live theatre, and concerts.

Spring Culture

Laredo is famous in matters concerning culture because of its annual celebrations, including Washington's Birthday Celebration, which take a whole month as the Americans celebrate Washington's birthday. Another celebration is the Jamboozie that takes place in late January in Laredo's downtown and is also considered a part of Washington's Birthday celebrations. In addition, Laredo is home to the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum, which is in the city's historical district close to La Posada Hotel.

Landmarks in Spring, TX

  1. Lake Casablanca

    This reservoir is located on Creek Chacon, 5 miles east of Laredo's downtown. The lake was constructed in 1951 to ensure that the residents had access to recreational opportunities around Webb County. This is the second largest lake built across the creek compared to a lake built in 1946 but failed during the attempt to impound the reservoir. It could also help if you knew that the lake is associated with residential properties and Texas State Park.

  2. Imaginarium of South Texas

    This is a nice place strategically located at the heart of Laredo and is considered a nice place for toddlers. Many toys keep the little ones engaged while their staff members are very informative and ready to help when called upon. In addition, the spot has an area with spiders and snakes, making it more fun for those who love associating with these types of animals. This is a place that you should never miss visiting once in Laredo.

Tourist Attraction Sites in Spring, TX

  1. Laredo Water Museum

    Despite being small, this water museum showcases everything through a modernized and colorful infographic platform. Upon visiting the museum, you will see attractive and amazing displays that keep your children occupied. Additionally, plenty of water and tidbits are dedicated for older guests to read through. Admission to the museum is free, thus making it a nice place to visit and relax. You can locate this incredible museum at 2702 Anna Ave, Laredo, 78040, TX, USA.

  2. North Central Park

    This park is where you can find the most outstanding running trail, not to mention that it's also a nice place to go for a walk with your dog. The place is designed with a dog park but ensure that your pet stays on the leash to maintain peace while in the park. The park is at 10202 International Blvd, Laredo, 78045, TX, USA.